lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

PyiB2C: The python implementation of iB2C

Py-iB2C has been released!

This is the Python implementation of iB2C (integrated Behavior-Based Control) developed by Pablo García Auñón. This architecture can be used to develop and execute behavioral networks to control intelligent agents. The Python library allows to easily create behaviors, implement them in networks and execute them in simulators.

The main functionalities are listed below:
  • Create new behaviors from scratch, implementing the transfer, activity and rating functions.
  • Create networks using the already implemented behaviors or new ones.
  • Save specific behaviors and reuse them in another network.
  • Save networks and use them as behavior modules.

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

SwarmCity v1.0 released!

SwarmCity v1.0 has been released!

The main functionalities are listed below:

  • A complete city: 
    • Buildings. 
    • Green areas. 
    • Industries.
    • Public facilities.
  • A traffic simulator.
  • A population manager.
  • A climate model:
    • Temperature.
    • Humidity.
  • A pollution manager: 
    • Particles.
    • COx.
    • NOx.
    • SOx.
  • A fleet of drones:
    • Navigation with waypoints.
    • Detection of obstacles.
    • Detection of cars and people with their main features.
    • Measurements of temperature and humidity.
    • Measurements of particles, COx, NOx and SOx.
  • A communication system:
    • Export of messages to ROS through rosbridge.